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Planning a walk from your front door

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Feeling inspired to get outside and explore your local area on a walk? Whether you're in a city, countryside or somewhere in between, follow these five simple steps to get you out of the door.


'There is no path; the path is made by walking'

Antonio Machado

A footpath sign points into a woodland

1. Get hold of a map

Maps are wonderful things and your new best friend. I’d recommend getting the OS Explorer map for your local area and/or downloading the OS Maps App. The app is only £2.99 a month and it’s brilliant for planning and sharing routes, and so handy to have in your pocket.

2. Find your ‘why?’…

This is definitely the most fun part. Asking yourself why you are going on this walk will help you plan where to go.

Do you want to get a good view? Try finding the highest point from your front door on your map.

Do you want to see something really old and historic? Maybe there is an interesting archaeological feature or castle not too far away.

Fancy a massive hunk of cake? Make sure to include a stop off at your favourite café on your route.

Or maybe you really want to challenge yourself, and could plan a hike taking in lots of climbs or distance. Perhaps you just want to go for a long wander and see where you end up – that’s fine too!

3. …and then, find your way

Once you’ve got your why, you can plan your route. Mark your why on your map, and then start to plan your route there along roads and public footpaths. You could make it a simple straight there and back, or make it into a circular route. Try to include a footpath or road you’ve never been along before, to add in an extra bit of exploring.

4. Pack your bag

What you take will depend on so many things – how long you are going to be out for, what the weather is like, where you are going…and so on. I’ll be doing some posts around what to take with you on different sorts of walks in the future but as a start, make sure you wear some sturdy shoes and take some water, your map, your phone and a Snickers bar (Snickers is optional but would highly recommend). It’s always worth letting someone know where you are going and roughly how long you’ll be as well!

5. Go!

You’re all set - enjoy your walk!

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